Testing Services

1. Chemical pathology and immunology – We provide both routine and specialised chemistry testing such as those on lipid, liver, kidney function, tumour and cardiac markers, metabolic and hormones. We also provide urine testing and tests for other bodily fluids.

2. Hematology and transfusion services – Tests include but are not limited to blood count, blood film, bone marrow and trephine biopsy, coagulation, blood grouping, antibody screening, and transfusion of a wide range of blood and blood products including autologous transfusion.

3. Microbiology, virology and serology – We provide culture and sensitivity testing on most clinical specimens. We also conduct rapid testing such as dengue serology, rotavirus, and TB antibody. We also perform serological tests on infectious diseases such as HIV.

4. Anatomic pathology and cytopathology – We offer routine and complex specimen testing with both basic and Immunohistochemistry stains. Frozen section and second opinion services are also available. Cytopathology tests include liquid based cytology, pap smears, Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology, and fluid cytology.