About Us


Northern Medical Laboratory Sdn Bhd (NML) was setup in Penang, Malaysia on 25th April 2000 with a commitment to provide the most convenient, friendliest blood testing service to the physicians group and patients in and around Penang area. NML is a one-stop polyclinic providing efficient and affordable medical care using modern medical technology. NML fulfills a role as one of Malaysia’s outpatient healthcare provider and makes it possible for patients to have most things done under one roof, without having to hop from one place to another.

NML has helped pioneer the field of laboratory functional testing. By supporting the practitioner in identifying the root cause of chronic conditions, helps them to develop personalized interventions to assist patients in their quest to achieve lasting health.

As an early adopter of new laboratory science, our dedication to innovation leads us to investigate a variety of new areas thereby providing health practitioners with a comprehensive diagnostic record from which to serve their patients.


NML after the transition to the new management is led by Dato' Dr Ramasamy Kandasamy who is also an active physician having his practice in Joe Fernandez Clinic – Juru, Malaysia. This is also one of the reason why NML was moved from Penang island to Juru forming the headquarters for all the branches. He is also in the board of directors for several other companies doing healthcare business.

Surveying the business environment with the thought of starting a clinical laboratory, he recognized the great need for a lab and developed a plan and secured financing for the venture. He is motivated and powered by many other designated personalities and a few of them have grouped into co-directors and advisory team.