Health Screening Programmes

About Health Screening

Prevention is better than cure: Our comprehensive Health screening will assess each patient’s risk factors for disease, screen for any existing conditions and if appropriate provide recommendations and lifestyle advice to them so they can make informed health and lifestyle decisions.

NML offers routine blood tests on-site and more complex blood tests outsourced to a central lab. NML offers collection services to all clinics in its vicinity and has dedicated dispatch runners for this purpose.

Once NML is up and running the doctors will be able to send their patient’s samples to the collection centers and the collection centers will in turn transport the specimens / samples to the lab in Penang or KL according to the nature of the test. For simple tests NML will do the analysis in-house, for more complex blood work the specimens will be sent to an outsourced central laboratory.

NML will use a courier service that transports the samples in an ice cooler from the collection centers to the laboratory. The specimens are tested within 24-36 hours of receipt at the central lab and the results are returned to the physicians / clinics via encrypted email.

The advantages to the physicians and their patients include: convenience (collection of samples at doorstep), and faster service (there is no driving or transportation time to deliver reports and for the most commonly requested tests the analysis occurs in-house guaranteeing results within 24 to 36 hours.

1. Physical Tests

Body Mass Index (BMI) ECG
Waist Circumference Keystone Eye Test
Blood Pressure Lung Function Test

2. Blood tests

Full Blood Count Renal Profile
FBC + 5 Part Difficle Liver Profile
Thyroid Full Lipid Profile
Urinalysis Diabetes
Bone Health Enhanced Cardiac Screening
Vitamin D Coeliac Screen
Colorectal Cancer Screening Uric Acid
Blood Group Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Test Kit
Total PSA Iron Status Profile

3. Reports

  • 1. Patient Friendly Full Health Report
  • 2. Doctor Follow Up Consultation (Optional)



NML are fully registered with FOMEMA to provide full health and medical screening services for legal foreign employees in Malaysia.

Our medical experts are fully qualified to conduct the necessary medical screenings and reporting for both corporate and domestic foreign employees.